Friday, June 13, 2014

26th Idea

This one WILL REALLY happen guys.
Use the same software that the FBI uses for facial recognition, but instead of scanning crowds at superbowls or busy intersections in major cities for terrorists- let the public sector use it for fun on the skinternet!

You upload a picture of your face and the engine searches EVERY photo on the internet and finds your evil twin(s), I was thinking about 5 results of people who's facial configuration matches yours the best.

You would have to incrementally pay along the way.
$3 to find out what STATE your matches live in.
$5 to find out wht city , after that.
$10 to find an email address or street address or whatever...

THE BEST PARTis the name, since you are finding your DOUBLE on line (your doppelganger), it would be-
Get it!!??!?!?!?!?!?!

25th Brilliant Idea

Honkey Tonka Trucks.
Little redneck kids pick-up truck toys, marketed to the Duck Dynasty crowd.
All hand spraypainted with bad cammo designs,
Loaded up with toy gun racks, and
Shit stained mud flaps.



The freezer-door of your fridge should be a FLATscreen.
It would allow yu to have a 'digital art gallery' of images constantly rotating- no more magnets! Just hold the art up to the fridge and it will snap the pic. Send a pic from your phone right to the screen!
In TRANSPARENT mode, the mini cam inside the freezer allows you to 'see' right into the freezer without opening the door and releasing the cold!
The cams inside the fridge and freezer will allow you to 'see' inside your fridge from your phone while you are at the grocery store! Are we out of mayo? Let me check...
This tech can be used as an automated inventory program, your fridge can 'see' when yu are out of Ketchup and LET YOUKNOW!

Not Really Idea 23

This would not really help anyone make a million dollars, it is just cool.
MAYBE a tat artist could spin it into a million bucks?
That seems to be one arena where 'trademarking' your art seems impossible.
The idea is to go a whole 'sleve' tat with a cyborg arm.
A whole sleve with a skeleton arm, done in clow-in-the-dark tat-ink (does that exist?)
A he-man trap-jaw sleve with 4 different Arm-attachment images, that change as you rotate yur wrist...!

Idea # 22

It has already been invented, but not perfected.
I would like to offer up a corndog-style taco/burrito as well... Deep fried and on a stick.

21st Get Rich Quick Scheme- DUAL TABLETS

Flip-open 2-screen double-tablet. Whatever screen you AREN'T using becomes the tap-touch keyboard... Both tablets candisconnect and become independent tablets on their own (master-slave or equal computing power?)- AND, it would totally change the E-rader experience, as you'd have 2 screens that would be two pages to look at- just like a book... ALSO, could you connect the two and have a movie on both? Yes, but I guess you'd have a small line down the middle, huh?
No longer would your tap-touch video games be limited to 'on-screen' controls!
So genius- IT will happen, and yu read it HERE first folks!