Saturday, February 18, 2012


Forgot to post about my DECEMBER.

Was in a Star Wars group show at the Basement Pub, was in a Small Things group show at The Artichoke gallery on STARK St., AND organized and participated in the TOYS & GAMES group show at the Black Cat on 12th and Alberta.

I sold stuff from all 3 shows.

Whoooopeee for me!


Maybe I was even going to PUBLISH it someday, then I got drunk last month and LOST IT... Somewhere between HOLMAN's bar, doug's car, the RADIO CAB, and the cold cold walk up SE 148th... It got lost.

It contained various witticisms and comics about my relationships.
About 100 pages of cartoons and jokes.
Ending with a letter that Erica wrote, when she didn't want to see me anymore.
It was funny and heartbreaking...

I loved it.

Then I lost it.

(just like all of the girls it was about)