Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy Portland

It was fun and stinky, but that's the smell of change and freedom, buddy.
I can't imagine Viet Nam protesters or civil rights protesters or hooverville residents smelled any better.
Proud of these people, man.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


UP at the BLACK CAT on 12th and Alberta St. during the month of October in 2011... Such a -w-i-c-k-e-d- show!!!

Puppet Mastery

This movie scared me so bad when I was a child... But now, it is just funny and cute!

I did these guys from memory, so, don't hate on the accuracy of the dudes...

FRANKENstein's monster

For the GRoup SHow at the BLACK CAT on 12th and Alberta St.



Now part of the GROUP SHOW at the BLACK CAT cafe on 12th and Alberta.

Even as a monster, he is so cool.

3D work

Mounted Stuffed Animals with real antlers...
The Horny Toad and the LAMBrod.

Yes, this is what I do.