Thursday, September 1, 2011

M.D.Idea #15

'Choose your own adventure' style movie with 4 endings.

What if, the first time you saw CASABLANCA Rick went away with Ilsa- and the SECOND time she left with her husband???

What if the Matrix had any number of better endings than the ONE LAME ONE it had?

How about if you saw SE7EN and Brad Pitt arrested Ke7in Spacey instead of 'becoming Wrath'??? And then you saw it again and -POP- one in the coconut like a gangstarr!!!

Yes, it is a gimmick, but so is 3D.
Make a movie and shoot 4 different, distinct endings.
Release one version for critics screenings, etc... But then release all 4 when it 'opens wide' without any publicity about your 4 different endings-

Sit back and enjoy the publicity and chaos and conversations that develop WORLDWIDE.

Hey, DVDs often include alternate endings- why not get them all 'out there' when you just can't choose ONE? People could get a different experience when they saw the movie a second time- they'd just have to see it at a different location and take a chance.

If it was marked right -post release- you could have a real good concept here that would be copied and tweaked for years to come...

You're welcome Hollywood!!!

Million Dollar Idea #14


So, yes, WoW players are super-nerds, and MINDCRAFT players are worse, but hear me out.

Online players would subscribe to participate.
The event would last ONE MONTH.
They would have one week to CREATE their characters and 'practice fight'- then- all players are randomly placed on a created battle planet where they must fight to the last man in 30 days.

The planet is populated with hidden weapons- even alliances would have to crumble with only ONE winner.

The upside- you could charge whatever you want, really. So many hardcore gamers would line up to prove they were the best- even if you awarded NO CASH PRIZE- but instead the winner gets to help develop the SECOND YEARS battle world.

It would be a phenom.

Did I say Million Dollar Idea?
This one's probably more like a billion.