Thursday, August 4, 2011


If you are interested in a piece that is up at the RED FLAG (through the month of August), here is how I'm handling the sales.

You may go ahead and write SOLD on the tag at the bar, if you feel strongly about it... It doesn't 'really' matter, because-

You may then pay for and pick up your piece at the bar on the 31st of the month from 5-6:30pm... First come, first sold... So don't get bent out of shape -please- if the one you wanted is gone when you show up at 6:25...

I may make other arrangements with you if you EMAIL me at:

But I'd rather just handle all the sales on the 31st... You can understand why I wouldn't want to zip all over town and use GAS and TIME to sell a $25 piece to someone who may or may not even show up (which has happened to me multiple times before)...

Writing SOLD on the tag and/or sending me an email can still be over-ruled by someone showing up on the 31st with cash in hand.

Thank you for patronizing the arts...
he he he.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cartoon Logic

HEY! Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh wear shirts, right?

So get off my back.

It's just cartoon logic.

Red Head

A re-post.
This one's better.

By a fraction of an inch.

DESTRO attacks!!!

Pat got this one...
That bastard!

STAR wars X-ray paintings

SO fun to do.
The R2D2 one was labeled 'Kenny Baker'.

Ha ha ha.

Nerds are funny...


Sold at L.Thursday for a measly $80.
This guy was painted on a closet door.
Oh well, paint for the love of it, right?
Not the $$$$???!!!


More Cigs Sold

Sold to people who can post pictures
online better than me.
I repeat pictures to 'trump up' my
sales figures.

You almost fell for it.


Another (marginally) satisfied customer...

10 points!


Wash with my SNOT

This hand washing station looked like a face to me...


Some cig-pac-men I done went and sold at Last Thursday.
Smoke 'em if you got 'em...

Pair of Ladies

Sold them at Lasties.
Selling ladies is legal now.

June's LAST Thursday event out on Alberta St.

Sold a few.
Shook a few hands.
Ate a burrito.