Saturday, June 5, 2010

FUDGE for the whole family...

Make your dog wear clothes.

We are responsible for their evolution.

Don't SHIRK this duty.


Yub Yub

This is proof that LUCAS is .G.O.D....

So stop laughing at me for worshiping him.

Stop it.


(... said as I wave my hand left-to-right across your field of vision while staring into your eyes and wearing a brown table-cloth cut to look like ol' Ben Kenobi's desert smock...)

YOU: You're right, these aren't the droids we're looking for... I mean, you're right, I want to stop it...

And then it stops.

The Ewoks sing and play upon the bones of their dead enemies like xylophones.
A series of shimmering blue dead ghosts appear.
Obi Wan looks like he did when he died.
Yoda looks like he did when he died.

Vader looks like he did when he was a douche bag.

The credits roll.