Friday, May 28, 2010

A few old lines....

Poems from a couple of years ago, when I was taking part in a daily poetry blog...

honestly, by nicholas jay liebrecht

honesty is indeed a strage bedfellow
you use it
and it uses you up
fiction is better
fiction takes talent
fiction requires creativity
honesty has entertained no one
lies are where genius lies
do you get it
that last line about lying ends
with the word lies
that is poetry

angst-ilicious, by n j liebrecht

i am itching for a fight
fair is a word made mostly of air
headed in the wrong direction always
and forever seems shorter to a lover's
leap from a page to page and a body to a body
bags under your eyes and in yoru hands
down town and that's the way
side - stepping domino dancers move
ahead in the lines leading us all home
bases aren't only there for the score -

akoplishmant (appockalypseshment), by nixlus jeh leebrikt
stands as my greatest accomplishment -
would that i could die in such a poetic
((and yet universal)) way
it is this life that is grimy
and repetitive
and too easy
and too long
that i detest (understandably) so so much
however-apparently-not enough to actually-
about it-
(like live well or exit loudly)

I will have you know that
I quite deliberately with
my fists clenched .against.
and at the start of each-and-every-day
I .take. a breath which becomes a
battle. a war. and it could even
be considered a .single.handed.slaughter.
this .weak.wiggling tap-dance
I continuously perform
just to stay

still too quiet, by nicholas liebrecht

i can see your idea of science
speaking about using words
feeling used to mean touching
abstracting the already-shadow
is barely showing
off the subject clothes-piled
close on the rug
with more overlap than us, now
two empty sleeves are touching
and they remind me
that they were once full of hands.

scientific principle, by nicholas jay liebrecht
wounded, yes
but more of a wound-er
drawn to defend her
realizing not the need
to be defended from her
is much greater than
my withdrawn self
can be removed only
so many times
so far
before the globe is encircled
and every step
taken away only
brings me nearer

blur, by nicholas jay liebrecht

a country full of dogs and cats
and sandwiches under unmade beds
falling deadly leaves breaking the
sound-barriers between appologies
and innocent foods uneaten by
jaw-bones busy being weapons
fisted-up and coiled like a cord
from a phone or a snake-jar
minus a lid making blinking
impossible and dreaming into
a daytime timeline line-of-work

bad enough, by nj liebrecht

bad enough
that she smuggled in
a 'was' and a 'could have'.

what murdered me

is when she put a sharp
'probably not' in her mouth

and kissed me goodnight

scarce city, nj liebrecht
There wasn't even much to begin with

and now there's less
which is fine

I suppose

people are so comfortable with so so much

that it is a discovery
of note

when you find out that

you can indeed say big, important things with
a few skinny, pale words...

monster, by nicholas liebrecht

the girl watched
from a safe distance
as the monster crouched over his victim
and bloodied his teeth
on the poor things heart
the moster looked sad
but moreso hungry
and he ate
he devoured
when he was done
all that remained of his kill
was scraps of person'
and bits of bone
the monster began crying raw tears
too big to be formed round
"why do you cry"
asked the girl
forsaking her shelter
and coming to where
the monster was
"because i am a monster"
he replied
"and i walk as an outcast among men"
"it is truly terrible"
said the girl
and she lowere her head
"but eating people will only make
your problem worse"
"you are wrong childe"
the monster corrected and stood
he was dark and looked like shifting clay
as he advanced he said
"eating people is my only solution-
for only when none but me remain
will i no longer be seen
as a monster"
the girl didnt scream
she instead removed her shoes
so the monster would not choke on them.

the fall, nic lieb

i realize (in reality)
that it's only august in one place
but it's two other times and
i kind of think these dream days make the fake me
take over the rake
and gloves because
the leaves got to be in a pile
and the real me is tooo good
job of piles-making
so he sleeps
(like cancer-time)
and the tool drops and someone else
pulls all the dead ones together
for burning

spiritualitis, by nicholas liebrecht

under a monthslong pile of skin
and circustents of bone
and tangled musclestrings like nettles
lives such a thing
as has never been
recorded in words
(at least not accurately)
once widely believed
to exist solely in ideas
is a physical interior chunk
a fragment of tangible music
a lump with arteries and wires and tubes
an organ connected to everything else, yet
moreso fundamentally connected to matters
outside of the body

recurring again, by Nicholas Jay Liebrecht

I don't have to worry
about what to do
with a pen in my hand

I become magic

and what's nice is that
nothing is permanent
you can find your perfect
exactly anything

over and over

Once I let go of this
It's not just mine anymore
It goes into your eyes
It belongs to
the dirt

It goes directly back to God...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Marty At The Hop

He enjoyed the sun and the people.

But he hated the ART at the ART HOP.

Such a critic.

Edited Mouse on da' Motorcycle...

Photoshop makes BAD paintings WORSE!


One more shot...

Since someone took them off my hands at the ART HOP....

More Art Hop

Just who is that mysterious anti-social artist scaring his customers away with his bad breath and even worse attitude?

It's me.

Sold at the ART HOP

She's Gone...

I miss her wood grain goodness...

But she's in a 'better place' now.

God needed one more soldier...

Two Stupid Guys

That I painted over this week.

They gave me a funny look.

So I gave them 'the brush'...

Table Top

I love this MOTIF... I will probably continue to do versions of this on tables f.o-r.e-v.e-r-.-.- ...

Hi De Ho

The only thing better than his music-
is my painting...

Cab Calloway

One of the best things I've done in a while...

ART HOP may 2010

Out on ALBERTA ST... Selling my wares.

Gloomy Little Cloudy

Poo's a cocktail in your cup.

Enlarge this to appreciate the FULL

ULTRA magnus

He took over for Optimus Prime after he was killed in battle.

He wasn't a very good leader.

Even though he was a semi truck.

(he was a 'semi-good' leader... autobot humor... he he)

Yellow Man

Yeah, he may be Chinese, but I was talking about PRISMatically, not NATIONality...

I am just not that way.


Was sitting on top of my TV for sooooooo long.

Then I watched it last week.

(I still can't sleep)

Anyone remember JOUST?

I would spend HOURS and HOURS and
MILLIONS and ZILLIONS (in quarters) trying to master this game.

Such a great concept.
Knights jousting while riding around on FLYING OSTRICHES over pools of LAVA!!!!

Where's James Cameron... I've got an idea for him...

Yellow Streak

WA vs. OR

Washington is a less intense vibe- not as many drunken frat boys laughing as they walk by.
Oregon has more buyers- people like your stuff enough to tell you- with their wallets.


Much better than my earlier attempt.

Photoshop lens-flares added for extra 'destro-ness'...


I doodle on garbage.

I try to make art out of anything I can get my filthy little paws on.

Deja Snooze

I'm sure I posted this before.

This is a redundant post for 'security' reasons.


I sold this...

... So don't try and buy it.

It is her reflection, but it ended up looking like a sister.

And it is done on the inside of a dresser drawer.

And it's lovely.

The Winner

A horse.
On some jeans.

Like a real horse, it looks better in 'real-life'.

Ralph Ran Away Years Ago....

He was just a mouse on a little motorcycle...
He had to grow up sometime.

A funny idea would be to do a COMPUTER MOUSE sitting on a MOTORCYCLE.
(maybe too source-specific)
I freely give this idea to YOU,
Whoever you are.

Make it work.

If you love someone...

Ste them FREE... from this mortal coil.


Again with the funny?

...can't you take art seriously?

What's 'with' this CURLY MAN?

UNI corn ON the COB

UNICORN on the cob.

I am a genius.

An -evil- genius.

Billie Jeans

Done on a pair of jeans that has been stretched over a frame.

Her eyes really draw me in because they are


A skull in flames?!??!?!!? Who cares, he is still "hug-able"...

Vancouver love

First Fridays happen all through the summer months and they are right on Main Street. I set up by the ONE LOVE world market place thingee...

Just GOOGLE First Friday Vancouver or CRAFT IN THE VILLAGE.

Vancouver First Friday #1

Vancouver is like a less grimy Portland... Where the hipsters take showers and visit their Grandmothers once in a while... I like it.

Come on! She isn't going to be around forever- and she's full of really great stories!
...AND she's always got a dish of hard candy on the coffee table!!!!


Sh'e on an old cabinet door, still hinged into a piece of the old frame... You can't really see the subtle blue-on-blue details in this photo... Unless you click and enlarge it and really squint...

Do It!!!

R2D2 rose version

On a skateboard with a working LED light in one of the truck/screw/holes....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blue Skies

Drink Me Magazine didn't want to include this piece...
Too Poopy!

Well, sometimes clouds poop out cocktails.
I can't control that...

It was either HIM or the DEEP blue sea...

You makes your choices and you
lives wit 'em...

Clay Day

Yeah, I can sculpt, too...

When I HAVE TO...


Watch out!


Some drawing-collage wack-ness.

I swear I don't do drugs!

(thanks to Mischach for the central figure...)

Self Censored

It was really censored this year- YEAH! Two different businesses have asked me to show and then removed some of my art...

Why do breasts offend people?

We are far more comfortable with violence than nudity in this silly country.

Toshiro Mifune

such a bad man...

he's a bad mother-

Hey, I'm just talkin' 'bout Toshiro!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bing Bing Bing

The fight takes place on the shore, so nessie has water and biggie has land upon which to stand...

ART HOP 2010

This WILL BE great... Expect mucho mucho pictures... Soon...

This changed everything....

My Hero

He speaks for the trees.

He loves the grickle-grass.

His 'stache is legendary.

Print These on Sticker Paper

And plaster them all over town.

It is the only way I will get -f-a-m-o-u-s-!!!

Everybody Comes To Rick's

I did the Humphrey Bogart skate board in the upper right corner...

Abe Towers Over Us All

His statue in dwntwn Portland, OR...

So stoic.